What Are Happy Cards?

Happy Cards are a new type of prepaid card with multiple categories. These prepaid cards give customers more choice and flexibility with no fee.

ThanksMia has partnered with Happy Cards, and is featured on the Happy Teen, Happy Lady, and Happy Her prepaid cards. These prepaid cards are redeemable at all ThanksMia locations in the US and online.

Common Customer Questions

Can Happy Cards be used online?

Yes, to make an online purchase:

  1. Select CREDIT as the payment method.
  2. Enter the 16-Digit Card number located on the back of the Happy Card in the credit card field. Do not enter the 16-Digit Card number into the gift card field.
  3. If prompted for a billing address, enter your shipping address.

Are there any restrictions on Happy Cards?

The Card is redeemable only at the merchants whose logos appear on the front of the Card.

How can I check the balance on a Happy Card or ask general questions?

Call 855-192-3494.

Do Happy Cards have any fees?

No, there are no fees.

Do the funds on Happy Cards expire?

The funds on these gift cards do not expire, but if the valid thru date on the gift card has passed, call 855-192-3494 for a replacement card mailed at no cost.

Can I reload a Happy Card?

No, Happy Cards cannot be reloaded.

Can I use the Card for cash withdrawal?

No, Happy Cards cannot be used for ATM cash withdrawal.

What if the purchase is more than the value available on a Happy Card if I am purchasing online?

If the purchase is larger than the balance, you will need to use a Gift Card or eGift Card to pay the remaining balance. You can then use the Happy Card in the Credit Card section of payment method and a Gift Card in the Gift Card section of payment method.

What can I do if a Happy Card is lost or stolen?

These cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Treat them as you would cash.