Bamboo Charcoal Tear Pull Black Mask


  • Safe formula. Doesn’t contain toxic additives
  • The level of acidity. The pH of the product close to the pH skin value
  • Natural ingredients. The bamboo charcoal extract is soft and safe in use 
  • Efficiency. Organic ingredients gently pull out the blackheads from the pores

Peel-off mask with charcoal

  1. Blackheads removal. The blackheads go up on the surface of the skin, the pores are cleaned and removed from the blackheads.
  2. Oil control. Balances the level of skin sebum secretion, preventing clogging of pores and acne
  3. Deep cleansing. Dissolves grease and dirt in the pores, leaving the skin clean
  4. Narrows pores. Tightens enlarged pores, leaving skin smooth